This is my experience with Micro-chipping:  I bought a special Cat Flap which operates by my Cat being fitted with a micro-chip.  Great idea ?  Well, I thought so.

Things went O.K. for a few months and then, suddenly, the cat-flap wouldn’t ‘Open’.  I took my cat back to the Vet who had implanted the chip to check things out and the scanner could not find the CHIP.  Apparently there had been a batch of FAULTY “chips” and the ‘Makers’ were providing a replacement Chip FREE of charge.   However,  had it not been for the failure of the Cat Flap,this could have gone unnoticed.

What chance had my cat then if she had been COMPULSORY – CHIPPED and then had been found “straying” – with a FAULTY Micro-chip ?  END OF CAT .


Hillary Chapman, Whangarei.

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