Thought Provoking Mambo


What is the definition of “to teach?” The dictionary explains: “to cause to know or understand.”

And what is the best teacher? Somebody who teaches in an entertaining, vivid and confident way, being curious about the outcome.

If this is true, Mambo was a perfect instructor. For more than six years he taught kids at Paihia Primary School in the Bay of Islands and everybody loved him there. He lived three sections away from the school with his guardian. Yes, with his guardian, because, you see, Mambo was a cat – a very clever cat.

Every morning he used to walk purposefully over to the school where he waited on the office doorstep to greet the caretaker when he arrived. Then Mambo went to the playground or classrooms to be with the pupils who already waited for his company. Later, during morning tea time, he was seated on a chair reserved for him in the staff room, together with all the other teachers discussing their efforts to impart knowledge to the kids.

Now, you’ll certainly ask yourself which subject a cat could possibly teach? Well, let’s see:

One day Mambo’s guardian went over to the school to apologize to the Headmaster for the cat being there. But the experienced teacher assured her that there was no reason for an apology as he was happy to have the cat being there and that he was using Mambo to teach the kids “KINDNESS” to animals.

So this was Mambo’s subject of instruction, and from then on his guardian would proudly go over to the school at close of day to pick him up. She is a small woman and he was a magnificent cat. It looked quite amusing, when petite Lady V. carried Mambo home in her arms and it had become a well-known sight in Paihia because she did this every day, convinced like Mambo himself that he had done a good and important job. Assuming that, they were right of course, since what else could be more significant for children than to learn what kindness means? Kindness to animals leads directly to kindness in general, ie. to people too.

Wasn’t this also the dying message of Helen Kelly? Yes, it was “KINDNESS”. How true! Are we forgetting how to be kind? Is that why CRUELTY is on the increase?

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